Sister for Jonah

Jonah's baby sister is due November 30 and we are in the thick of trying to come up with a classic name that jives with Jonah. Jonah has two middle names; James, the middle name of my father and grandfather, and Hammel, which is my maiden name. Keeping a family name as the middle name is very important for us. We like Violet, my grandmother's first name, and Brocklin, part of my other grandmother's maiden name, Van Brocklin, as middle names. - Created by kaitlynhammelmay

  • Abbey

    Abbey has always been a favorite of mine. I love the spelling and ending the name in "-ey" as Abbey Road is one of my very favorite albums (The Beatles). It's unique, but still traditional. However, Abby/Abigail are very popular names at the moment.

  • Cora

    I love the name Cora, and it is a nice nod to my great-grandma, Nora.

  • Eliza

    Eliza Violet. I've always loved the name Eliza, and it holds some meaning. Elizabeth Bennett is my favorite book character and is commonly called Eliza. My husband's grandmother's name was Elcina, called Elsie, so this would be a nice nod to her as well.

  • Lucy

    Lucy Brocklin. Lucy means "light," and our baby girl is just that. She has already brought so much happiness.