Names Inspired by Disney Princesses

Well first you have the actual princesses but after that, there's many more great names from Disney princess and other Disney movies! - Created by SparkleNinja18

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  • Alice

    Even though she only went to Wonderland, this name is fit for a queen!

  • Anastasia

    She's a mean stepsister with a gorgeous name!

  • Anna

    Disney's newest princess, Anna or Arendelle!

  • Ariel

    Everyone loves this fiery haired mermaid!

  • Aurora

    Princess Aurora or Sleeping Beauty. Comes complete with tomboy nickname Rory!

  • AttA

    Some might not remember princess Atta but she's the ant princess in Disney Pixar's A Bugs Life

  • Belle

    This name is truly a beauty!

  • Briar

    Aurora's name given to her by the fairies

  • Charlotte

    Tiana's best friend, princess of the Mardi Gras parade. She often goes by Lottie!

  • Dot

    Ada's spunky younger sister

  • Eleanor

    Merida's spirited mother, the queen.

  • Ella

    In some stories, this is Cinderella's real name

  • Elsa

    The queen of the ice and snow from Disney's latest hit, Frozen!

  • Esmeralda

    From the Hunch Back of Notre Dame!

  • Eudora

    Tiana's mother who's name has the modern-vintage style many parents go for today

  • Evangeline

    Tiana's firefly, Ray's princess

  • Fauna

    Aurora's fairy

  • Flora

    Make it pink!

  • Giselle

    Whether she's the princess of Andalasia or New York City, her name is gorgeous! The nickname Gigi would be super cute!

  • Jane

    Tarzan's princess of the gorillas

  • Jasmine

    This princess helped this beautiful name nearly triple in popularity!

  • Kida

    Princess of Atlantis

  • Melody

    Ariel's ocean loving daughter!

  • Merida

    The fiery redhead in Disney Pixar's Brave

  • Megara

    Hercules' love interest

  • Rosie

    The princess in Disney's Princess Protection Program

  • Snow

    Not everyone's taste, but inspired by the beautiful Snow White

  • Sofia

    Disney's new princess, starring in the movie and tv show, Sofia the First.

  • Tiana

    The hardworking princess from New Orleans. She beautiful as a frog and a human!

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