Favorite girl names

This is wear I name the names I would love to use for my future girl! - Created by Mia42

  • Astrid

    I love this beautiful name, it runs in my family & I would love to honor my family by using it as my first born girl's name.

  • Beatrice

    nn Bea

  • Bridget

    nicknames britt or biddy

  • ELSA

  • Eve

  • Finlay

  • Hadley

    This was my elementary school friend's name.

  • Hazel

    family name

  • Heidi

  • Josephine

    My great grandmas name. Nickname Josie.

  • Kimber

    This name is a modern version of Kimberly & I dislike Kimberly but Kimber has a clean beautiful modern sound.


  • Louise

    This would be a great middle name


  • Marley

  • Milena

    I love its meaning love, warmth, & grace. The nickname would be Mila or Mia. Also it would honor my ancestors who moved to Canada from Germany and Austria since Mil a is popular in Canada.

  • Piper

    I play the flute and love its meaning of flute player.

  • Summer

  • Sylvia

    nn Sylvie

  • Victoria

    I think that it is a lovely name with a cool nickname, Tori or little Victor