Igbo Names

My favorites from http://culture.chiamaka.com/igbonames.html - Created by Onyi3000

  • Adamma

    Beautiful daughter

  • Amarachi

    God's blessing/ grace

  • Cheluchi

    Wait on/for God

  • Chiagoziem

    God has blessed me

  • Chiamaka

    God is good/wonderful/splendid/beautiful

  • Chibueze

    God is king

  • Chiemela

    God has done something wonderful

  • Chigozie

    God blesses

  • Ifunanya


  • Kelechi

    Thank/praise God

  • Ndulu

    A dove

  • Nebechi

    Look up to God

  • Nwachukwu

    Son/child of God, God's child

  • Nwando

    Child of refuge/peace. Peace.

  • Nwebube

    A precious/miracle child.

  • Obioma

    Good/clean/ clean-hearted

  • Obiuto


  • Okwuoma

    Truth. The beauty of truth.

  • Onaedo

    Gold (priceless) nn Ona!

  • Onyekachi

    Who is greater than God?

  • Onyemaechi

    Who knows tomorrow (?)

  • Ozioma

    Good news

  • Tobenna

    Praise the Lord nn Toby!

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