*Undiscovered Girls Names*

Great baby names that need to be discovered! - Created by itskitty

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  • Arlette

  • Avalon

    Ava would be a good nickanme

  • Belita

    very pretty

  • Bellamy

    fresh take on Bella

  • Beyla

    can also be bayla, fresh take on Bailey

  • Briet

    can also be spelled Briette, Bri would be a cute nickname

  • Cassia

  • Clover

  • Colette

  • Della

    alternative to Bella

  • Eliora

    or Liora or Lior, I know a jewish girl by this name

  • Eviana

    alternative to all the arianas and gianas out there and Evie would be a good nickname

  • Halona

    sounds peaceful

  • Kalila

    pronounced ka-lee-lah

  • Kimia

    short and sweet

  • Kalia

  • Lynae

    great middle name

  • Maelie

    French alternative to Miley

  • Moxie


  • Roselle

    Rose + Elle

  • Sedrina

    cute, alternative to Sabrina