Names for brave parents

- Created by kpostley

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  • Acadian

    The acadian flycatcher is a super cute green and grey bird

  • Aerie

    So flowy and beautiful

  • Alder

    The Alder flycatcher is the cutest bird ever

  • Avocet

    very brave choice, and a beautiful flamingo like bird shares the same monicer

  • Baird

    check out Baird's sandpiper, a sea bird with a very natural feather pattern

  • Bonaparte

    Again, better as a middlename, but very sophisticated

  • Cerulean

    A pretty color and beautiful warbler as well

  • Etela

    means south in finnish

  • Genevieve

  • Goldeneye

    Unexpected middle name for any child

  • Hiver

    means winter in french, though the kid will have to correct on pronouncing a lot since it is pronounced like eevear not like hives

  • Lark

    The Lark sparrow is a stunning bird that combines two of the names on the list and sounds sophisticated on a little girl

  • Orchard

    Less cliche than meadow

  • Osprey

    Pretty awesome falcon, could be a girl's name as well if pronounced like aubrey

  • Primavera

  • Plover

    a beautiful bird that stage a stunning spectacle when they settle in freshly turned agriculture fields in the spring

  • Scarlet

    ok, so this one is very common. But I couldn't put Tanager and not Scarlet, as the Scarlet tanager is by far my favorite bird (so gorgeous and red)

  • Sparrow

    Kind of unisex but sounds more boyish, and middle namish

  • Strongspirit

    Good middle name to give to any child that may translate to their personality

  • Swan

    beautiful symbols of love that mate for life

  • Tallon

  • Tanager

    alternative to the ever popular Tanner

  • Vireo

    Probably better as a middle name (check out the red-eyed vireo)

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