Favorite Girly Names

These are the names I am using to name my daughters, but I probably won't have so many... I've got three now, and I hope to have at least two more daughters. - Created by cutekittypunk

  • Cheyenne

    In Dutch it's pronounced Shea - en - ah - so much better than the Shy Anne pronounciation

  • Ella

    short, simple, sweet

  • Kailea

    Kai, Lea, it's Hawaiian and means bright and clear

  • Kanoa

    Might sound too similar to canoe, but I still like it.

  • Liberty

    nickname: Libby

  • Sonora

    nicknames could be Sunny, Nora, Sora

  • Shiloah

    This is actually a place named in the Old Testament - it sounds similar to Shiloh - but with that extra "ah" it's so much prettier for a girl

  • Siembra

    comes from Spanish means to sow (I like to think of the song Sowing the Seeds of Love by Tears for Fears)

  • Wilhelmina

    a feminine form of Wilhem/William - Dutch, one of the former Queen's (nicknames: Mina, Mimi, Willa)

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