unique baby boy names

Oldies but goodies - some so old that they are now seen as unique. For example Hubie was most popular in 1920 but did not make the top 100 - but it was in the top 200! - Created by cutekittypunk

  • Awesome

    because this name is just so awesome

  • Bosco

    boscobi, bosco-baby, boss!

  • Dakoda


  • Deco

    after one of my favorite art movements: art deco

  • Hubie

    Derived from Hubert meaning bright or shining intellect

  • Joby

    from the guy in the Old Testament Job - but more cute and playful

  • Kayoti

    (a variation of Coyote)

  • Kenobi

    aka obi-wan kenobi, (ken = handsome and obi derived from od = wolf; kenobi = handsome wolf)

  • Lafayette

    with a great name like this, no need for nicknames.

  • Mordecai

    Hebrew meaning "warrior" - Yiddish form Motl (character of taylor from Fiddler on the Roof)

  • Tobijah

    Hebrew form of Tobias (Greek) - God is Good, nicknames Tobi, and Yiddish form Tevye

  • Willoughby

    a more masculine version of Willow

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