Inspired by Kpop

Names I find beautiful from the kpop world, mostly Korean, few Chinese and English names. - Created by kiya

  • Amber


  • Chaerin

    "Shining" or "luster" in Korean, '2NE1'.

  • Dara

    Derived from Sandara, from '2NE1'.

  • Faye

    (Fei) means "beautiful and fragrant" (of flowers) in Chinese, from 'MissA'.

  • Hara


  • Jay

    (Jae), '2PM'.

  • Jia


  • Kai


  • Kris

    Kevin Wu, Wu Yi Fan, Li Jiaheng, etc., from 'EXO'.

  • Kamilia

    Fanclub name for 'KARA'.

  • Key


  • Leo


  • Luna

    Greek Goddess of the Moon, from 'f(x)'.

  • Luhan

    (Lu Han) means "deer of the dawn" (鹿晗) in Chinese, from 'EXO'.

  • Mina

    (Min Ha) from 'Nine Muses'.

  • Minhyuk

    Means "glowing gentleness" in Korean, from 'CN BLUE'.

  • Mir

    Means "peace" in Russian, from 'MBLAQ'.

  • Nana

    "Favour" or "grace" in Japanese, from 'After School'.

  • Nara

    'Hello Venus'.

  • Niel

    Shortened form of Daniel, 'Teen Top'.

  • Narsha

    'Brown Eyed Girls'.

  • Raina

    'After School'.

  • Rania


  • Ravi

    Means "sun" in Hindi, from 'VIXX'.

  • Ren


  • Sera

    (Sae Ra), from 'Nine Muses'.

  • Sehun

    "Serving the world meritoriously" in Korean, 'EXO'.

  • Serri

    'Dal Shabet'.

  • Siwon

    "Passionate", "beauty" and "forgiveness" in Korean, from 'Super Junior'.

  • Suho

    Means "guardian" in Korean, from 'EXO'.

  • Sulli

    "Charm" or "grace" in Finnish, from 'f(x)'.

  • Tao


  • Xia


  • Zelo

    Derived from the Greek Zelos, God of Rivalry, from 'B.A.P.'.

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