Puerto Rican Girl names beginning with W

  1. Wanda
    • Origin:

      Slavic or German
    • Meaning:

      "shepherdess; wanderer"
    • Description:

      Rarely heard, and when it is, usually attached to a witch. Historically, though, Wanda was a legendary eighth century queen of Poland, and in literature it is the central character of Ouida's eponymous novel Wanda. A musical namesake is the great Polish harpsichordist Wanda Landowska.
  2. Wendy
    • Origin:

      English, Celtic, Welsh
    • Meaning:

      "friend or white"
    • Description:

      It is popularly claimed that the name Wendy was invented by Sir James Barrie in 1904 for the big sister character in his play Peter Pan, which was followed by the classic novel in 1911. Barrie supposedly took it from the nickname "fwendy-wendy", that he was called by a young girl acquaintance.
  3. Waleska
    • Widalys
      • Wildaliz
        • Wildalys
          • Wileyshka
            • Willianys
              • Wilmari
                • Wilmarie
                  • Wilmaris
                    • Wilmary
                      • Wilmarys
                        • Wilnelis
                          • Wilnelys