pure evil

Evil comes in many forms an has many names. - Created by 3rdAnimal

  • Cthomas

    corrupted tom

  • Cull

    A killing of a population

  • Infir

    the infector

  • Loka ksaya

    Sanskrit for world destroyer

  • Messiah

    Warlord, breaker of men

  • Mors

    the sleeper

  • Rage

    love's dirty little secret

  • Sanguine

    full of blood, life and energy

  • akuma

    the devil of flame

  • drane

    The butcher

  • hecha

    the bannished

  • kolera

    cholera anyone?

  • ruine

    the spoiler

  • vinz clortho

    the keymaster

  • zuul

    the gatekeeper