Best friends names/ Nick names

Kids that I just generally hang out with and consider my friends, what thier nick names are and little quotes they have at school! ~~ Coming from a sophmore~~~~ - Created by Rhyanna1997

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  • Alexandra

    Alex, Alexia, Dre, Drandrie, Fine and dandy

  • Andrew

    Drew, Andy , And to the drew man!

  • Anthony

    Andy, Tony, Toned, The ant

  • Asher

    Ash, Ashton, Ashie, AJ

  • Astrid

    The ass, Tired, Tried, Tripp

  • Axel

    Axe man, Axe ,Aye

  • Alistar

    Ali, Star, Reach for the star!

  • Bentley

    Ben, Tiles, The bent tree

  • Charles

    Charlie, Fancy-Char- Pants

  • Charlotte

    Charlie, Chardonay, Pardon-ette, Car

  • Damien

    Dammo, Demon, Da-Man, Mean man, Dammit

  • Edward

    Eddie, Ed in the Ward (Acident prone kid) Ed, Dread-ward

  • Eliza


  • Emma

    The M, Em, Ej, Air mom

  • Guinevere

    Gwen, Livvie, G-Yeah

  • Hamish

    Ham, Beef Jekey (Off the ham name) Mish,Mishy

  • Hannah

    Hannie, Han,

  • Hunter

    Hunny, (Insert rhyming first few letters here), Hunt, Hunt yah

  • Jeramiah

    Jerry,Mike, Air-a-micheal

  • Joesph

    Joe, Joey, Jay

  • Julianna

    Julie, Jewls, J-anna

  • Matilda

    Tillie, Maddie, My till Duh, Duh

  • Penelope

    Penny, Pen,Pearl, Pen-swells-sips-some-tea

  • Racheal

    Rachy, Raquet, R-Ray, Channel

  • Ryder

    Ride me, Ride

  • Sarah

    Share bare, Say, Rawr.

  • Scarlett

    Scar, Cars, Steals-cars-lets

  • Sebation


  • Timothy

    Tim, Timmy, Tim-rawrs-you-see, Time Tim, Tim and the Bin

  • Victoria

    Tori, Vikky, Icky Vikky, Ri

  • Zachary

    Zac, Zack-Attack, Harry, Snacks

  • Zane

    Zay, Rain, Zee

  • Zoey

    Zo-Bow,Zo, Sore-Wee

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