Mystically Beautiful Names

This is a list of names I came up with. They are a bit unusual, jarring, mystical, and, most of all, unique. These names will surely set your child apart from the crowd.
  1. Anthe
    • Auden
      • Origin:

      • Meaning:

        "old friend"
      • Description:

        The poetic, soft-spoken Auden has recently started to be considered as a first name option, used for both sexes, appreciated for its pleasing sound as well as its link to the distinguished modern Anglo-American poet W.H. Auden.
    • Avi
      • Origin:

      • Meaning:

      • Description:

        The rise of trendy Arianna has led to unisex Ari gaining speed for girls in recent years as well. Now as Avianna climbs the charts, it may be time to start considering Hebrew Avi for a girl as well.
    • Aerie
      • Aithre
        • Alatris
          • Alchemie
            • Ambertine
              • Annahstasia
                • Aralie
                  • Ariphony
                    • Audalyce
                      • Avryll
                        • Blayze
                          • Ballarine
                            • Balletrine
                              • Bellejoy
                                • Billowen
                                  • Blathine
                                    • Bleuvera