☃ Iⓒεlandîc Nåméⓢ❉*.:。

In this list im going to try and list both names that are popular in iceland and names that orginate their :) (N) will stand for native to iceland meaning its an orginal,legit icelandic name ...and (P) will stand for names that are popular there ---------------------------------------------------------------- - Created by Baby_Spice

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  • ARíS

    pronounced (AH+reese)

  • Brynja

    pronounced (BRIN-yah) (N)

  • Ellisif

    pronounced (elle-ee-seef)

  • Ellisiv

    pronounced (ellie-seev)

  • Elínrós

    pronounced (elle-EEN-rose) *EEN ryhmes w/ dean :)

  • Elírós

    pronounced (ellie-ROSE)

  • Eylin

    pronounced (AY-leen)

  • Gíslína

    pronounced ( GEEZ-leena)

  • Kría

    pronounced (KREE-uh) (N)

  • Lilya

    pronounced (LIL-yah) (N)

  • Loa

    pronounced (LOW-uh)

  • Sunna

    prounced (SUN-uh) *at first I though sue-nah X) lol but its sun-uh (N)

  • Svana

    pronounced (suh-VON-uh) sounds like savannah:)

  • Vibekka

  • Ylva

    pronounced (ill-VUH)

  • Yrsa

    pronounced ( ear-SUH)

  • bríet

    pronounced BREE-ette

  • eyjalin

    pronounced (AY-yuh-leen)

  • ísey

    pronounced (EE-say)