Girl Names

The girl names I've chosen for my future daughters are primarily literary. - Created by Vickster

  • Catherine

    Catherine "Kitty" is the name of the second youngest Bennet sister (I will NOT name a daughter after Lydia and I don't like that name anyway). My best friend wishes her name was Catherine and likes to be called Kat. Cate Blanchett is one of my favorite actresses.

  • Danielle

    Danielle is the name of the main character in Ever After (Danielle is Cinderella). Danielle is also the name of one of my favorite characters on my favorite cartoon, "Danny Phantom". Danielle Jacqueline is also a female version of one of my favorite boy names.

  • Elizabeth

    Elizabeth "Lizzy" Bennet is one of my favorite female literary characters. Elizabeth has always been my favorite girl name and it's a close friend's name.