Favorites - as of January 2013

Some of my favorite names currently. They'll change, I'm sure. - Created by Haili73

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  • Antonia

    Annie for short. Pronounced like ANN-to-nee-ah. I'm not sure what I like for a middle name yet. Antonia Belle has a lovely ring to it. Or maybe Antonia Aria. I'm not usually one for alliteration though.

  • Benedict

    because it's cooler than Benjamin. Good name. Yeah, that's it.

  • Bonnie

    I used to hate B names, but now Bonnie's growing on me. Maybe as a nickname for Bernadette or Ebony? Or just simply Bonnie Elizabeth? Bonnie Christine?

  • Briallen

    I'd like Briar as a nickname, but I don't think it'd stick. I'd end up with a little Bri or Bria. My dad's middle name and his dad's name is Allen, so I like how that's incorporated in the name. It means "primrose" I think that Briallen Therese is lovely. I've loved the name Therese/Teresa since I was a very little girl.

  • Gabriel

    I love this name so much, and I've loved it forever. I don't know what middle name to use, maybe my future husband's name. I like the sound of Gabriel Greer (again, I'm being unnaturally alliterative) but someone said Greer was a girl's name, so... I don't know. But Gabriel is awesome.

  • Ivan

    Ivan Thomas. My childhood is coming in again-Ivan is a character in the Barbie version of Swan Lake. (Tchaikovsky is a genius. I wish he wrote more for piano...) Anyway, Ivan was under a spell, like Odette, that made him a porcupine. Even as a human by night, he still had quills. And this little Spanish skunk would always stop him from hugging her or something by saying in her funny little voice, "Quills, Ivan, quills!" and at the end of the movie, when they were all human, she invited him to dance, calling, "Ivan! No quills!" in a certain tone of voice. I guess the name just stuck with me.

  • Madeline

    Madeline Juliet. I have no idea why I like this so much. I hate the nickname Maddie, so it would always be Madeline (NOT pronounced Madalyn, mind you) Maybe it's another nod to my childhood. I'm four foot nine, done growing, and grew up reading Madeline books. I don't know where Juliet came from, it just sounds beautiful. I don't even like Romeo and Juliet. At all.

  • Rosalind

    Lindy for short. (I just read Beastly, okay?) Rosalind Briar is nice, as is Rosalind Belle. Rosalind means red dragon, but Lindy/Linda is Spanish for beautiful, and Rosa, of course, means rose. A subtle (well, subtler than naming my child Belle) nod to my favorite fairy tale and Disney movie of all time, Beauty and the Beast