Expecting Baby Girl

We are expecting our 4th child, 2nd girl. We like unique semi-unisex names. My husband is Japanese so we always use a Japanese middle name. I really want to name this daughter after my grandmother... her name was Ellen. But I don't want to use Ellen per se. Ellen means "light". So we've come up with a list of names where either the first name or the middle name is after my grandmother. Ella is a combination of Ellen and Alma (my grandfather's name). Avonlea is the name of a place in Canada (where my grandmother was from) in her favorite book series, Anne of Green Gables. And the other first names we just like, so we'd use Hikari as middle name which means "light" just like Ellen. - Created by kalyn

  • Anistyn Hikari

    Hikari (He-kar-ee) means 'Light' in Japanese.

  • Annikah Hikari

    My grandmother's mother's name is Annie and my gma loved several books where the main character is Anna or Anne

  • Avonlea Emiko

    Emiko (Eh-mi-ko) means "Child graced with beauty". NN Avie (A.V.)

  • Ella Emiko

    Ellen+Alma (hesitant to use since this name is SO popular right now)

  • Emerson Hikari

    Just love this name and think it goes well with Dakota, my other daughter

  • Esmee Hikari

  • Taylor Emiko

    In honor of my brother, Clinton Taylor