My favourite baby names 2012

For many years now, I am thinking about names that I would give my future children. I have started making lists when I was 15 and they are changing year after year. But some names have lasted ever since. And here they are, my fav´s: - Created by mnj87

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  • Alissa

    It really took me some time until I found a name to use for a certain nn I had in my head: Lizzy.

  • Isa-Lea

    Prn: EE-s-a -- Lé-a. I´ve had this name in my head one day. And I just love it. It´s unique (nobody I know has a girl with this name) and because of the hyphen I was able to create one name out of two real names. Where I live that IS unusual :) But I´m also still looking for a mn here.

  • Jannik

    My number one for boys. It´s being pronounced like Yannik.

  • Peter

    This name is definitely the newest member of names I like on my list. Since the holy night, and a christmas movie on tv and a cute nn, I can´t stop thinking about it.

  • Quentin

    I grew up reading the books about the Famous Five by Enid Blyton. And fell in love with the uncle`s name ;)

  • Rosalie

    My absolute number one for girls names. I´d call her Rosa. But I´m still looking for a cute mn for her. There are too many to choose but not one to decide for ;)

  • Sophia Florence

    Sophie was my host mum in France in Florence (say Flo-raw-s, French pronounciation) was the little girl I was taking care of (and her 2 brothers).

  • Tristan

    Tristan and Isolde. No need to say much about more :)

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