Avian Names

  1. Avan
    • Corbett
      • Lark
        • Origin:

          English bird name
        • Description:

          Lark is getting some new and well-deserved attention as a post-Robin and Raven bird name. Although it was first recorded as a name in the 1830's, it has never appeared on the Social Security list.
      • Robin
        • Origin:

          Bird name; or English, diminutive of Robert
        • Meaning:

          "bright fame"
        • Description:

          Now that it's no longer fashionable for girls, Robin is rising for boys again. Robin Hood, Robin Williams, Christopher Robin, and Robin the Boy Wonder are all male namesakes, after all. It reentered the US Top 1000 boys names in 2015 for the first time since 1999 and continues to bounce around the lower end of the Top 1000.
      • Starling
        • Origin:

          Bird name
        • Description:

          Unusual choice that was the original name of children's illustrator Tasha Tudor, but is an interesting elaboration of Star, taking it into avian territory.
      • Wren