My Favorite Girl Names!

The title says it all, these are my favorite girl names! Enjoy! - Created by TheWriter

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  • Evanna Kai

    A smart, but pretty name matched with a free-spirited middle name that means "sea." I'm in love with this name.

  • Juno Marlee

    I personally find Juno to be an adorable name, and Marlee is really cheerful and bright! Nickname- June, Junie, ect.

  • Luna Noelle

    I love the name Luna, and I think Noelle is absolutely beautiful, as well. Nickname- LuLu, ect.

  • Maeve Piper

    I find this combination intelligent and adorable, while also somewhat old-fashion. It has a trustworthy, warm feel which I really love!

  • Vera Lunette

    Vera is an traditional, age-flexible name that I think works really well with a less popular, but nonetheless beautiful, name like Lunette. Please let me know if you have any nickname suggestions!

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