50 More Unusual Australian Town Names

Looking beyond Sydney, Adelaide and Victoria
  1. Albany
    • Origin:

    • Description:

      Not yet on the place-name map, this name has Shakespearean ties via the Duke Of Albany character in King Lear.
  2. Babinda
    • Ballarat
      • Bathurst
        • Burrundie
          • Cairns
            • Ceduna
              • Davenport
                • Origin:

                  English word name
                • Description:

                  This old-time name for a sofa would not be comfortable as a baby name.
              • Deakin
                • Daintree
                  • Dampier
                    • Delamere
                      • Deniliquin
                        • Emita
                          • Euroa
                            • Evandale
                              • Eyre
                                • Forbes
                                  • Origin:

                                  • Meaning:

                                  • Description:

                                    Forbes is a business magazine in the U.S., long led by Malcolm Forbes, with a buttoned-down Brooks Brothers image. If you name your son Forbes, you're definitely implying a connection to the prominent and wealthy family -- which may be exactly what you're intending. But if you have a more down-to-earth image in mind, try Field.
                                • Fremantle
                                  • Gibson
                                    • Origin:

                                    • Meaning:

                                      "Gilbert's son"
                                    • Description:

                                      Gibson is an undiscovered patronymic surname, with some appealing nicknames. It also brings to mind the popular brand of guitars.