Favorite Boy Names

Just a list of my favorite names for boys. - Created by chanceXinfinity

  • Atticus

    Fun and cute.

  • Cyan

    I love the color and the name sounds wonderful.

  • Crimson

    My sister's favorite boys' name, though for some reason its considered to be a girls' name. Shortened to Crim.

  • Ignatius

    My favorite boys' name right now. Inspired by a character from James Patterson's Maximum Ride series. Shortened to Iggy.

  • Xander

    It's increasing in popularity, but I would still use it. Shortened form of Alexander.

  • Xavier

    Saying this name is fun and I love the way it looks.

  • Zephyr

    Another name inspired by JP's Maximum Ride. I like how unusual it is and how it starts with Z.

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