What goes with Bravery?

Our firstborn son is named Bravery Josiah (nn:Brave) It took us forever to commit because its SO different. We received lots of great feedback, but lots of negative too! Now that we have Brave, I can't imagine his name being anything else! We pray that he is a man of courage, and his name is a reminder ;) However, we want to have more children, but if we have another boy, we need his name to be different. We can't have a Bravery and a John. It just wouldn't work. So, below are names we like. What do you think works with Brave? Please add more if you think of one! We prefer super unique, but easy to spell and pronounce. (My husband hates some of these, but want to see if you like them. Maybe he will change his mind) Feel free to throw in a strong Middle name from the Bible ;) and hopefully, one of you can get credit for naming our child! - Created by Aprilciervo

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