All-time favorite names

Here's the list of names I have found myself loving for more than 10 years now. I got to know most of these in around 2001, 2002, when I used to frequent another American name forum a lot, searching character names for several SF stories mostly set in a future vision of the USA. Since I'm German and many of the names listed below sadly won't work in a non-English-speaking environment, I would never consider many of these for future children, but that doesn't prevent me from loving them anyway. I hope you enjoy this list and don't mind minor grammar mistakes now and then. :-) - Created by Ayane

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  • Adrian

  • Aidan

    I don't have to put this on the "guilty pleasures" list because the name nowhere near as omnipresent here as it is in the States or other anglophone countries, so I can put it on my lists of favorites without a bad conscience.

  • Arianna

    Character name as well as one I'd really love to use on a future daughter. And it's really uncommon where I live.

  • Asa

  • Athena

  • Ava

    Same here.

  • Avery

  • Celia

  • Cyrus

    My very favorite boys' name of all time, unfortunately virtually unusable where I live. I bestowed it upon the male protagonist of the SF novel I started back in 1999 and was truly surprised to find the name on the "Outhip the hipster" list here on Nameberry, I guess I was way ahead of the times when I chose the name.

  • Damian

    Another favorite of mine. Since this name is also used in Germany, I definitely would name a future son this.

  • Elliot

  • Elysia

  • Evangeline

    Another SF heroine of mine (who goes by Eve) - and also a case of "would never work here".

  • Everett

  • Gabriel

  • Jade

  • Jude

  • Julian

  • Justine

    The female protagonist of said SF novel, for which I tried to come up with rather timeless names. This name isn't unheard of in Germany, but the (occasionally heard) German pronunciation is just horrid; the French is okay, but I prefer the English one.

  • Kara

  • Linnea

  • Liora

  • Raine

  • Reid

  • Samuel

  • Sephora

  • Seth

  • Sian

  • Siobhan

  • Tanis

  • Vincent

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