Cool Names From Books

This doesn't necessarily mean I like these names, just that they made an impression on me. - Created by chicamerlin

  • Angelica

    The Agency

  • Bellatrix

    Harry Potter

  • Catarina

    The Thief Lord

  • Colette

    The Hunchback Assignments

  • Demelza

    Harry Potter

  • Ginevra

    Harry Potter

  • Kate

    The Mysterious Benedict Society

  • Katniss

    The Hunger Games, ditto

  • Lisbeth

    The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, actually really like this name

  • Lyra

    The Golden Compass, like this one :)

  • Martina

    The Mysterious Benedict Society

  • Octavia

    The Hunchback Assignments

  • Primrose

    The Hunger Games, even though I don't even like the books

  • Sally

    Can't remember her real name but it was pretty cool too...The Ruby in the Smoke

  • Violet

    Series of Unfortunate Events

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