TV Land Names

Retro names from classic sitcoms such as Charlies Angels, Bewitched, and The Brady Bunch. - Created by apricotteacup

  • Alice

  • Arthur

    Classic and totally usable

  • Bobby

  • Bosley

  • Carol

  • Charley

  • Cindy

  • Cliff

  • Darren

  • Daisy May

    Fresh and sunny, for a perky little girl

  • Diane

    Retro enough to be hip again

  • Ethel

  • Elly May

  • Endora

    It's like a glamorized version of Dora

  • Fred

  • Ginger

  • Greg

  • Gilligan

    Maybe a little to out there for a first name, but it could work as a fun middle name

  • Jan

  • Jeannie

    Works for a little girl; she could graduate to the cooler, more serious Jean when she's older

  • Jed

    So bad that it's good

  • Jethro

    The world is ready for a cool little Jethro

  • Jill

  • June

    The perfect combination of Retro and Timeless

  • Kelly

  • Lavern

    Requires a certain amount of confidence to pull off

  • Lovey

  • Lucy

  • Marcia

    Suitable for a future Queen Bee

  • Mary Ann

    The quintessential Girl Next Door

  • Milborn

  • Norm

  • Peter

  • Ricky

  • Sabrina

    Mysterious and ultra feminine, the kind of name little girls love

  • Sam

  • Samantha

  • Shirley

    A totes adorable name that gets very little play anymore

  • Tabitha

  • Thurston

  • Wally

  • Ward

    A classic sounding name that hasn't been overused

  • Woody

    So cute and hipster