Mer de Noms

I like something unique, as I was gifted with the name Annika Tovah, but it has to flow off the tongue. But some of the originals are the best! - Created by annikat

  • Alicen Rue

    It sounds very southern to me!

  • Amberly Olive

    I always hated the name Amber, but love it with this suffix.

  • Amory Gayle

    I thought it fit together well.

  • Annabel Lee

    A literary tribute.

  • Aurora Rainbeaux

    I know the inverse of this name has been a recent celebrity baby, but I like it this way, and with the Cajun flair.

  • Blue Angel

    It's a beautiful combination of words, and a tribute.

  • Briar-Rose Meadow

    'Rori' for short

  • Ebony Rose

    She would be called 'Ebby'. I like the 'Black Rose' meaning.

  • Elizabeth Louise

    To be called 'Bettey'

  • Emberlin Aubra

    I like 'Anberlin' but didn't want to use that exactly so I came up with this. A bit of a mouthful.

  • Exivy Giada

    A friend gave her daughter the name 'Exive' and I fell in love with it.

  • Iommi Gene

    A variation on Imogen, and tribute to Tony Iommi.

  • Veronica Jayne

    'Roni' would be a cute nickname...though not so sure about the 'V-Jay' possibilities of the name combination.