Favorite Boy Names

This is a list of my favorite boy names. Names I would love to name my boys' someday. On my names I have a lot that I'm indecisive of--especially with their middle names, which I basicly use the same ones over again. Some names that I don't love but really like, I would preferably use as a middle name. - Created by Zoey_Walker53

  • Declan Charles

    Boyfriend's not a big fan of Declan.

  • Jude

    (MN options: Charles, Everett, Harry, Henry, Oliver and Patrick.)

  • Jasper Grey

  • Kurtis

    (MN options: Everett, James, Joseph--in honor of my uncle--, McCoy, Oliver, Patrick and Reid.)

  • Mica

    (Pronounced: MY-cah. MN options: Declan, Everett, James, Lloyd, Oliver, Patrick and Reid.)

  • Nolan Spencer/Sterling

    Undecided which one I like better.

  • Sebastian

    My boyfriend hates this name, so, sadly, I'll never grt to use it.

  • Sterling

    (MN options: Everett, James, Joseph, Oliver, and Patrick.)