Rare Names Just For Your Little One

Here’s a list of rare names that I think will be perfect for your little bundle of joy.
  1. Arley
    • Origin:

    • Meaning:

      "from the rabbit meadow"
    • Description:

      Sounds a bit like Harley pronounced with a cockney accent.
  2. Artiana
    • Bevel
      • Bevelyn
        • Edie
          • Origin:

            English, diminutive of Edith
          • Meaning:

            "prosperous in war"
          • Description:

            Edie is part of the Evie-Ellie et al family of cute and friendly short forms that sometimes stand on its own. Briefly popular in the 1960s, it could well be due for rediscovery. It's already a fashionable choice in the UK, where it has ranked just outside the Top 100 for several years.
        • Edren
          • Kimmie
            • Kimmilyn
              • Laurose
                • Laurose
                  • Monty
                    • Origin:

                      Diminutive of Montague, Montgomery
                    • Description:

                      Monty, a name with a World War II feel, is rarely used on its own. But we're hearing rumblings of a comeback and think that Monty, whatever it's short for, is an adorable vintage nickname name of the future.
                  • Michea
                    • Philinna
                      • Phillie
                        • Rafie
                          • Roseline
                            • Rosephine
                              • Rylin