Enticing Unique Names Not on NameBerry

A Gathered Collection of Enticing, Unique and Viable Names Not Yet Linked on Name Berry.
  1. Aeson
    • Aluna
      • Origin:

        Mwera, Kenyan
      • Meaning:

        "come here"
      • Description:

        Aluna has authentic Mwera roots as a name meaning "she weeps", but it may rise as an American invented name, elaborating on Luna.
    • Arno
      • Origin:

      • Meaning:

      • Description:

        Subtract the last two letters of Arnold, and you're left with a much more modern-sounding name. Arno is also the name of the main river in Florence, upon which sits the famed Ponte Vecchio. The Italian river name means "flowing water".
    • Adderley
      • Aegean
        • Aelle
          • Aesir
            • Alecto
              • Allinder
                • Andes
                  • Ankaret
                    • Arcus
                      • Argolis
                        • Arwel
                          • Askr
                            • Aveley
                              • Axum
                                • Cardea
                                  • Origin:

                                  • Meaning:

                                  • Description:

                                    The Roman goddess of hinges. She is one of three deities that ruled over doorways, along with Forculus, god of the door, and Limentinus, god of the threshold.
                                • Cedro
                                  • Corinthia
                                    • Origin:

                                    • Meaning:

                                      "woman of Corinth"
                                    • Description:

                                      A beautiful Greek name that kicks now-dated Corinne up a notch.