Cambridge Daughters

A list of possible names for the future daughters of the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge (aka Prince William & Catherine Middleton). There is more lee-way with girls names because there have been fewer female monarchs; Empress Matilda (disputed), Lady Jane Grey (disputed), Queen Mary I, Queen Elizabeth I, Queen Mary II, Queen Anne, Queen Victoria, and Queen Elizabeth II. - Created by malluu

  • Adelaide

    consort of King William IV

  • Alexandra

    consort of King Edward VII and Princess Alexandra of Kent

  • Anne

    Princess Anne the Princess Royal, two Queen Regents, and several Queen Consorts

  • Caroline

    Catherine's mother Carole, William's father Charles, and two consorts

  • Catherine

    five consorts and of course the Duchess of Cambridge herself

  • Charlotte

    William's father Charles, Catherine's sister Philippa Charlotte, and consort of George III

  • Eleanor

    several consorts

  • Elizabeth

    Catherine's middle name, two Queen Regents, and three consorts

  • Henrietta

    a nod to William's brother and a Queen Consort

  • Louise

    William's first cousin

  • Mary

    two Queen Regents along with some consorts

  • Matilda

    Empress Matilda and three consorts

  • Maud

    a couple princesses

  • Philippa

    Catherine's sister and one consort

  • Sophia

    William's aunt along with some consorts

  • Victoria

    Queen Victoria