names that inspire me

As a writer names mean a lot to me. Some names lack that certain spark. Some names have too much spark. Then there are names that, for me, ignite countless creative ideas. These are those names. - Created by ielyaira

  • Amadea

    A little too much spark. Strickly for the books.


    Thanks to Fred

  • Bogart

    Bogie, Bo...heck, let's throw in Bacall

  • Doris

    Que Sera, Sera

  • Elia

  • Jeannie

    holy retro chocolate malt Batman!

  • Keaton

    Cute on girls too

  • Keaton

    Thanks to Buster

  • Leeland


  • Marlene

  • Sammy

    Plain? Eh maybe, but so much personality

  • Stella


    Yes...but strickly for the books

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