Beautiful Graceful Girl Names

All my favorite girl names, not that I actually have an occasion to use them just yet. - Created by VitaBelle

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  • Ada

    Similar to Ava, but less trendy

  • Avis

    a free-spirited alternative to Ava

  • Bellerose

    French for beautiful rose. Unusual yet useable

  • Calla

    A more sophisticated alternative to Callie

  • Caroline

    Sweet and classy

  • Cassia

    It means cinnamon, I think it would be perfect for an autumn baby

  • Dahlia

    One of the more unusual flower names

  • Ellis

    Elegant, simple, unusual, and just slightly unisex

  • Emmeline

    Vintage and lovely

  • Haven

    I usually don't like word names, but I love Haven.

  • Lenora

    Frillier Italian version Leonora is also lovely

  • Orla

    So simple and pretty

  • Paloma

    A bit more out there, I love that it means peace

  • Willa

    soft yet strong, shared by a beloved author