Collection Babynames Part I

Names I love .. i have multiple lists on nameberry My list of names for Nameberry 2019!
  1. Malea-Lani
    • Bambi
      • Origin:

        Diminutive of Bambina, Italian
      • Meaning:

        "child; baby girl"
      • Description:

        Although Disney's cute deer was a male, Bambi has always been used for girls. It first appeared on the charts in 1943, the year after the Disney movie was released. Bambi featured in the Top 1000 from 1954-1964 — a decade where girl names ending in I, like Lori and Teri, were big — and again from 1977-1982.
    • Betsy
      • Origin:

        Diminutive of Elizabeth
      • Meaning:

        "pledged to God"
      • Description:

        This Elizabeth nickname has a decidedly retro feel--think Betsy Ross and the Betsy Wetsy doll-- once seen as a perkier, younger-sounding alternative to Betty. But with Betty on the brink of a comeback, pigtailed Betsy could return as well.
    • Bindi
      • Origin:

        Australian Aboriginal
      • Meaning:

      • Description:

        In the Noongar language of Western Australia, Bindi means butterfly. Bindi is usually seen as a girls' name, as seen in Bindi Irwin, daughter of the late Steve Irwin.
    • Bonnie
      • Origin:

      • Meaning:

        "beautiful, cheerful"
      • Description:

        Bonnie is an adorable nickname name, heading back up the popularity list after a 50-year nap. A Top 100 girls' name throughout the rest of the English-speaking world, Americans are later to jump on the Bonnie bandwagon but now it's trending here too.
    • Celesta
      • Origin:

      • Meaning:

      • Description:

        The shimmery Celeste has been solidly in the Top 1000 for as long as data has been recorded. The dainty variation Celesta certainly feels useable as well. Other intriguing variations include Celestia and Celestine.
    • Delainey
      • Desaray
        • Deshailley
          • Deshanna
            • Deslin
              • Deslynn
                • Dishainy
                  • Divainy
                    • Djesna
                      • Djessley
                        • Djezzley
                          • Djilayna
                            • Fayedey
                              • Fayelina