MEDIEVAL Story Character Names

Medieval Names with Anglo-Saxon, Gaelic, Latin and Germanic Origins. The names are for characters in my work-in-progress (always changing) story called; The World of Wander. - Created by lullababy

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  • Aenya

    Russian diminutive of Anna, meaning 'grace'

  • Aeric

    An Old Norse meaning 'Eternal Ruler'

  • Aeron

    A Welsh name meaning

  • Arnaud

    French variation of the name Arnold, meaning 'ruler, strong as an eagle'

  • Adrielle

    A female version of the Hebrew name Adriel, meaning

  • Aegnes

    A Greek name meaning, pure and virginal

  • Aenghus

    An Irish/Gaelic name meaning 'one strength'

  • Aldryd

    From the Old English elements eald

  • Alysoune

    (for creator purposes: previously known as Valeria) Similar to the Scottish name Allison meaning 'noble'

  • Anelyse

    Variation of Hannah, a Hebrew name meaning,

  • Arigg

    Similar to

  • Arthyr

    Celtic Origin meaning 'bear'

  • Arvelle

    A made up name, female variant of Harvey

  • Arynelle

    The middle name of Evette, would later become her nickname; Nelle. Arynelle itself is a made up name, however the name Nelle is: English, a diminutive of Helen and Eleanor. Meaning 'bright, shining one'

  • Blitha

    Variant of Blythe, a surname which meant

  • Brise

    Similar to the name Bree, which is Irish, from Brid, Brigh, Brigid meaning, 'strength or exalted one'

  • Cesaria

    Feminization of Cesar, Latin meaning 'head of hair'

  • Charlene

    A feminine version of the name Charles, meaning 'free man'

  • Charells

    A name with both German and French origin, meaning 'free man'

  • Elynore

    English variation of French Provencal Alienor, meaning unknown

  • Elyse

    A name with Hebrew origin meaning 'pledged to God'

  • Emett

    Germanic origin meaning 'universal', the name is also an English masculine version of Emma

  • Evette

  • Eliza-Rose

  • Eredmund

  • Esdeline

    Made up name?

  • Frits

    Birthname; Federyc better known by Frits, a diminutive of Frederick meaning 'peaceful ruler'

  • Federyc

  • Golias

    Similar to the well known Hebrew name Goliath, which means

  • Gratchen

    Similar to the female German name Gretchen, which means 'pearl' and is also a diminutive of Margarethe

  • Howell

    English variation of Hywel, an eminent Welsh king

  • Haerve

    (Harvey) A French name meaning 'battle-worthy'

  • Josselyn

    (for creator purposes: previously known as Joseffa)

  • Julianna

    Latin, feminine form of Julian meaning 'youthful'

  • Jollan


  • Josina

  • Kervane

    Inspired by the Irish name Kevin, meaning 'handsome'

  • Liz

    A diminutive of the Hebrew name Elizabeth; meaning 'pledged to god'

  • Lunethe


  • Lyrabel

  • Margo

    French, diminutive of Margaret meaning 'pearl'

  • Meryl

    A variation of Muriel, an Irish name meaning 'of the bright sea

  • Mona

    An Irish name meaning, 'noble good'

  • Morganne

    Welsh name meaning 'sea-born, sea-song or sea-circle'

  • Muriel

  • Macolm

    Inspired by the Scottish Surname McColmbe meaning Mac Thom 'son of Tom'

  • Martinne

    French name, meaning 'warlike'

  • Mechelle

  • Merydithe

  • Metilla

  • Moriganna

    Arthurian Name, similar to the Welsh name Morgan meaning 'sea-born, sea-song or sea-circle'

  • Murie

    Similar to the French name Marie; meaning 'bitter' (see Mary also)

  • Nora

    (The nickname for Elynore) Irish, Greek and also a diminutive of Honora meaning 'light'

  • Nikholas

  • Philisse

  • Ramona

  • Roth

    (Rothgar Jr.) A Germanic nickname for a redhead

  • Royce

    An English name meaning 'son of the King'

  • Rikshard

    Similar to the name Germanic name Richard, meaning 'dominant Ruler'

  • Rohesia

    Latinized form of the medieval name Rohese (see ROSE).

  • Rothgar

  • Saranna

    Combination of Sarah and Anna

  • Sedille

    (for creator purposes: previously known as Emerlea) Medieval French

  • Taerese

  • Tassine

    Inspired by the name English name Tamsin, a contracted form of Thomasina, meaning

  • Trisdane

    Similar to the Celtic name Tristan meaning 'noise' or 'sorrowful'

  • Ulla

    German diminutive of Ursula, meaning 'little female bear'

  • Ulius

    Similar to the Hebrew name Elijah, meaning 'Yahweh is good'

  • Valkyr

    A made up name, inspired from the name Viktor

  • Vivianna

    Latin name, meaning 'life'

  • Wray

    Scandinavian name meaning 'dweller near the corner'

  • Yarzala

    A made up name, inspired from the name Ursula, a Latin name meaning 'little female bear'