-inda names

Having the suffix -inda is the only qualification for a name to be on this list. Didn't realize there were so many! - Created by SugarCandy

  • Arlinda

    Unfortunate variation of Arlene

  • Belinda

    Pretty name, sort of a serpentine seductress

  • Celinda

    Interesting variation of Celene

  • Clarinda

    Beautiful elaboration of Clara, alternative to Clarissa

  • Clorinda

    Once a romantic name, now a romantic antiseptic (Funny Joke, I know)

  • Colinda

    Slightly pretentious

  • Corinda

    Mysterious elaboration of Cora, hidden gem

  • Delinda

    Similar to Dorinda

  • Dorinda

    Satisfying alternative to Dorothy

  • Drinda

    Slurred Dorinda

  • Earlinda

    Unfashionable feminization of Earl

  • Elinda

    Pretty little thing

  • Erlinda

    More appealing than Earlinda, at least

  • Esmerlinda

    Unnecessary inda.

  • Estrelinda

    Wowee. Don't know what to say for this beauty.

  • Florinda

    Romantic, exotic, and floral choice

  • Giacinda

    Just stick with Jacita

  • Glinda

    Good With of the South

  • Jacinda

    Better than Giacinda, still...

  • Jasminda

  • Kinda

    I kinda don't enjoy this name

  • Linda

    Pretty, as the definition would suggest, but somewhat dated. Sole -inda name to make the top 1000 in 2016

  • Lorinda

    Goofy choice

  • Lucinda

    Lovely, fantastical name

  • Malinda

    Wholesome variation of Melinda

  • Marinda

    Pretty alternative to Miranda

  • Melinda

    A nice, all american girl name

  • Mirinda

    Unnecessary change to Miranda

  • Mylinda

    Mylinda? No it's Yourlinda.

  • Odelinda

    Unappealingly fussy

  • Rosalinda

    Exotic and Evocative.

  • Shirlinda

    Good for a ridiculous literary character

  • Sinda

    Nickname for Lucinda

  • Yasminda

    As seen with Odelinda and Shirlinda, an -inda doesn't always help a name. Stick with Yasmine. Or better yet, Jasmine.

  • Zarinda

    Rather mixed feelings...

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