Kpop names

The names and stage names of some or my favorite K Pop singers and band members
  1. A-Tom
    • Andy
      • Origin:

        Diminutive of Andrew, Greek
      • Meaning:

        "strong and manly"
      • Description:

        Although we prefer Drew to the old Raggedy Andy, Andy has overtaken Drew as a name in its own right. About twice as many baby boys are named Andy, just Andy -- though about eight times as many parents go with the full Andrew.
    • Agust
      • An
        • B-Joo
          • BI
            • Bobby
              • Origin:

                Diminutive of Robert
              • Meaning:

                "bright fame"
              • Description:

                Bobby is the quintessential mid-century nickname, the name of the son on Mad Men and overused to the point of cliche. Though Robert is still a highly popular choice, most Roberts today are called by their full name or Rob or Robbie rather than Bob or Bobby.
            • Bora
              • Origin:

                Czech diminutive of Barbara or Albanian
              • Meaning:

              • Description:

                "Bore" and "boring" are teasing possibilities; Thora, Nora, and Flora recommended alternatives.
            • Baekhyun
              • BamBam
                • Bin
                  • Bom
                    • Byeong-ok
                      • Byung Joo
                        • Chan
                          • Origin:

                          • Meaning:

                            "sweet smelling tree"
                          • Description:

                            Whether it's an Asian surname-name or short for Channing, has a sound and feel that's both simple and stand-out.
                        • Chen
                          • Origin:

                          • Meaning:

                            "great, tremendous"
                          • Description:

                            Asian name with positive meaning.
                        • CL
                          • Cha Eunwoo
                            • Chae Young
                              • Chae-rin