Possibilities 14-11-2017

Ones I might grow to like more, or new favourites that I discovered recently. Might use in future... we will see.
  1. Ellia
    • Origin:

      Elaboration of Ella
    • Description:

      Ellia is one of the newer entries in the extremely popular El group of names for girls, which includes Ella, Ellie, Elle and so on, as well as L-starting names such as Lillia. Nearly 100 baby girls were named Ellia last year, but we're afraid that the name will not sound as distinctive as it should due to so many other girls with similar names.
  2. Finley
    • Origin:

      Irish and Scottish
    • Meaning:

      "fair-haired hero"
    • Description:

      Finley has been used for both sexes for enough years to become one of the most popular unisex names. Given nearly equally to boys and girls, Finley appeals to contemporary parents as a truly gender neutral choice.

  3. Ivy
    • Jaclyn
      • Lyla
        • Noelle
          • Syrin