Latvian Girl Names

Some nice Baltic girl names for you, not heard of in the United States at all.
  1. Aija
    • Aina
      • Origin:

        Scandinavian and Finnish variation of Aino, Catalan variation of Anna, Japanese, Latvian, Kazakh, Yoruba
      • Meaning:

        "always; grace; lover of green; sight; mirror; delivery had complications [umbilical cord twisted around neck]"
      • Description:

        A bright-sounding name with multicultural appeal, used regularly as a first name in Japan, Scandinavia, Latvia, and Spain.
    • Aira
      • Origin:

        Variation of Air or Ara
      • Description:

        Aira is a light and airy name that is currently on the rise. Playful but concise, Aira made its debut in the England and Wales Top 1000 in 2022.
    • Aiva
      • Alise
        • Origin:

          Latvian or English variation of Alice
        • Description:

          About 60 girls were named Alise in the US last year, making it an uncommon but not truly rare name. While it's pretty and intriguing as a spin on the very popular Alice, it's pronounced more like Elise or -- in Latvian -- Elisa, and so may prove more confusing than it's worth. If you want to name your daughter Alice, name her Alice, and if you want to name her Elise, name her Elise. Choosing Alise in many ways gives you the worst of all worlds.
      • Arta
        • Astrida
          • Abarbarėja
            • Adrija
              • Aelita
                • Agita
                  • Agrita
                    • Aiga
                      • Airita
                        • Aisma
                          • Aivija
                            • Aivita
                              • Akvelina
                                • Amalda
                                  • Arija