Horse-lover names

Do you like horses? An equestrian perhaps? Well your in luck! ... OK I'm stopping with the really exited game show guy. Here are some names that are horse related. - Created by Moonmisty

  • Apple

    Horses love apples. What can I say.

  • Baylor

    Nickname can be Bay. Like the horse coat color.

  • Belle

    This one is kind of stupid. Bell boots.

  • Buck

    You know if you ride horses.

  • Chester

    Like Chestnut.

  • Chevie

    Short for Cheval with is horse in french.

  • Clydie

    Short for Clydesdale.

  • Colt

    As in a male foal.

  • Canter and Trotter

    Fake but sounds real. Unisex

  • Gates

    Gaited horse

  • Gracie

    Gracie. Grace. Grey. Any of them works.

  • Green

    Green-broke. Unisex.

  • Horst

    Horst. Horse. Similar.

  • Hunter

    Hunter-Jumper. Unisex.

  • Jock

    Jockey. It has a tendency to sound douche-y tho.

  • Karter

    Quarter horse. It just sounds like you have a heavy cowboy accent. I know you just tried it. Now your smiling.

  • Kimber

    Kimberwicke is a type of mild curb bit.

  • Mare

    Female horse.

  • Po


  • Paolomino

    Its made up but bear with me. Palomino. Paolo. Get it. I'm sorry. I will stop now.

  • Questa


  • Rider

    Kind of self explanatory.

  • Roan


  • Sorrel

    Horse coat color.

  • Smith and Marshall

    They are both shoe smiths. Smith is in the word shoe smith and Marshall is a synonym of show smith.

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