Sound of Music names

In addition to wonderful childhood memories, the von Trapp family brought us some lovely, classic names, both in the 1965 movie "The Sound of Music" and in the real-life family. - Created by BlueLavender

  • Agatha

    Sister in the Abbey

  • Agathe Johanna Erwina Gobertina

    portrayed as Liesl

  • Bernice

    Sister in the Abbey

  • Berthe

    Sister in the Abbey

  • Brigitta

    von Trapp (movie)

  • Catherine

    Sister in the Abbey

  • Edelweiss

    Maybe a middle name option?

  • Elsa

    The Baroness

  • Eleonore ("Lorli")

    Georg and Maria's second child together

  • Franz

    Butler for the von Trapp family

  • Friedrich

    von Trapp (movie)

  • Gretl

    von Trapp (movie)

  • Georg Johannes Ludwig

    Captain von Trapp (both in the movie and in real life)

  • Hedwig Maria Adolphine Gobertina

    portrayed as Brigitta

  • Johannes

    Georg and Maria's third child together

  • Johanna Karolina

    portrayed as Marta

  • Kurt

    von Trapp (movie)

  • Liesl

    von Trapp (movie)

  • Louisa

    von Trapp (movie)

  • Margaretta

    Sister in the Abbey

  • Marta

    von Trapp (movie)

  • Martina

    portrayed as Gretl

  • Max


  • Maria Agatha Franziska Gobertina

    portrayed as Louisa

  • Maria Augusta

    Maria Rainer in the movie and Maria Kutschera in real life

  • Rolfe

    Young postman

  • Rosmarie

    Georg and Maria's first child together

  • Rupert Georg Ritter

    portrayed as Friedrich

  • Sophia

    Sister in the Abbey

  • Werner Ritter

    portrayed as Kurt