Boy's names

Favourites of ours for our little boy - Created by natashalikestea

  • Alexander

  • Arlington

  • Arlo

  • Aurelien

  • Aurelio

  • Avery

    We both love this name- it's short enough for no nickname & stands strong.

  • Bear

    Guilty pleasure! One of our favourite animals, love the sound of this name- strong yet sweet for a baby boy.

  • Beckett

    Really like the double T, it's another cool one.

  • Bennett

    Inspired by Jane Austen, love this name

  • Bertie

    Bert. This is just really nice & works for a baby & older person.

  • Byron

    Really like this, a strong handsome name but wouldn't want this to be shortened. Inspired by our favourite place to eat & the author.

  • Charlie

    Sweet, classic. Love it. One of Roald Dahl's most beloved characters.

  • Dylan

    Supercool- love this name for a boy or girl- Dylan Thomas, Dylan from Charlie's Angels. Always liked this name.

  • Edward

    Love this - classic, handsome, strong. Love the nickname Ned too.

  • Elias

    Like the look and sound of this one.

  • Emerson

    Such a cool name, love the look & sound- also happens to be the name of the super cool Emerson Cod from Pushing Daisies

  • Emmett

    Love the look of this name, also happens to be the name of Edward's brother in Twilight

  • Emory

    Gorgeous name- love it, unusual, Irish origin. Could use Rory as a nickname which I love.

  • Emrys

    Another Irish origin name, like the way it looks & sounds.

  • Everett

    Ever, Ev, Rhett

  • Evren

    Love the look of this name, reminds me of Tolkien. Nickname Ev or Ren both really cool.

  • George

    Classic, love this also for a middle name. George Orwell, little Georgie, love the way this name sounds.

  • Harper

    Cool name

  • Harry

    Total soft spot for this name since reading Harry Potter- who wouldn't want their child's name inspired by of the greatest literary characters of all time?!

  • Henry

    Matthew likes this one for a nickname

  • Holden

    Catcher in the Rye, Jake Gyllenhaal also plays a Holden- awesome name.

  • Leonardo

    Leo, Leon. Baby started kicking when we called him this so this is a strong contender! Love this epic name & the short versions are both cool & sweet.

  • Quinn

    Such a cool name, after Quinn in Homeland

  • Ray

    Inspired by Star Wars- also a family name. Short & strong.

  • Ridley

    Inspired by Alien & Gladiator director Ridley Scott- we both like this one as it's unusual & not overused. Plus it's awesome.

  • Rupert

    Roo for short, classic & handsome, lovely.

  • Tennyson

    Super cool, love surnames as first names.

  • Thorin

    Inspired by one of Tolkien's most epic characters, this is just so cool. Also nickname- Thor?! Everyone says his daddy looks like Thor too! Love it.

  • Tristan

    Love this- Tristan & Isolde, such a wonderful unique name from ancient tales

  • Theoden

    Tolkien inspired, fit for a king. Such a cool name, strong & handsome.

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