Names of My Characters

I write books and here are some of the names I chose for those books. - Created by FiftyFoxes

  • Ailill

    A Irish based name pronounced All-Yill.

  • Atom

    I was looking for this name the other day and noticed it isn't used very often. I personally like the alternate spelling of Adam.

  • Bluejay

    A unisex name. Someone with a lot of confidence in their appearance but less confidence in their personality.

  • Elliot

    A more innocent name. Belongs to someone who can be insecure at times but overly sassy as well.

  • Felix

    A name that I think inspires a talkative and typically sarcastic personality.

  • Finn

    A name I find to typically belong to people that are shy and quiet.

  • Flint

    A brash and more confident name for a confident person.

  • Gray

    A very strong name I would like to think. Belongs to someone who knows what they want in life.

  • Jett

    One of my personal favorites.

  • Malcolm

    I like pairing this one with the middle or last name of Hemlock.

  • Maji

    A cool sounding name.

  • Nero

    A unique and interesting name for a unique and interesting person.

  • Ocean

    My own pen name that I quite like for the unique originality of it.

  • Ryu

    I like to think of this name with a more split personality. Someone with a serious side but opens up when you get to know them.

  • Scotty

    A very talkative person who can be a bit annoying at times but everyone still loves him.

  • Tobias

    I use the shortened nickname Tobi rather than Toby.