Baby Girl Rose Short List

- Created by JPicatti

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  • Bernadette

    Nicknames: Bernie, Be, BeBe, Dett, Birdie, Bertie - Diminutive of Bernarde, the French feminine form of the male name Bernard. The name means "BRAVE AS A BEAR". St. Bernadette of Lourdes, who had visions of the Blessed Mother. Name peaked in the 1940's.

  • Cecelia

    Nicknames: CeCe, Ces, Celia - Feminine form of Cecil, which is derived from Caecilius, an old Roman family name, which has its root in the Latin caecus (blind, dim-sighted). The name was borne by a 3rd-century Christian who founded a church in the Trastevere section of Rome. During the 6th century, a story of her life was written and she was henceforth venerated as a martyr. She is regarded as the patron saint of musicians. St. Cecelia. Name peaked in the 1900's

  • Margot

    Nicknames: Marg, Mara, Mari, GoGo, MiMi, Margarita - Originated with Queen Marguerite de Valois (1553-1615), wife of Henry IV of France. Her brothers called her "Margot", which is the first known usage of the name Margot and its variants. Margaret, child of light or Pearl. Name peaked in the 1930's.

  • Rowan

    Nicknames: RoRo, Ro - Popular Anglicized form of the Gaelic Ruadhán (little red-haired one). The Rowan tree, or Mountain Ash, is a flowering tree with red berries. In European mythology, the Rowan tree is believed to have protective and magical properties, preventing a witch's hexes. It is also one of the favored woods to be used as a stake against vampires. Name peaked in 2012.

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