ASOIAF Baby Names

I absolutely LOVE George R. R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series, and while the names in it are beautiful and strong, they're also very out there (what I wouldn't give to not be judged for a little girl named Dany (Daenerys Rhae)). That being said, I think that using the initialism of the series as the initialism for my future children would be a cool tribute. - Created by ElizabethAntoinette

  • 1. Alexander James


  • 2. Sebastian Thomas


  • 3. Ophelia Kate

    Elia (Ellie-ah)

  • 4. Iain Xavier


  • 5. Adeline Elisabeth

    Ace (if I give her the double middle name of Charlotte-Elisabeth)

  • 6. Frances Eloise

    Francey or Lou

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