Names for Multiples

Names for multiples. Unique but but not too crazy. All names have a classic feel, but are also very modern sounding. - Created by Tori Layne

  • Caspar and Claire

  • Charlotte and Margret

  • Cillian and Caspian

  • Damian and Desmond

  • Dorothy and Rosemary

  • Edmond and Eliza

  • Evangeline and Emmeline

  • Evie and Lucy

  • Genevieve and Dorothy

  • Isaac and Isadore

  • Jensen and Julian

  • Leo and Lucy

  • Leopold and Edmund

  • Madeline and Abigail

  • Margo and Nora

  • Myra and Alana

  • Penny Lane and Ruby Tuesday

  • Ruby and Rosie

  • Soren and Jensen

  • Tristan and Adrian

  • Valleri and Vinnie

  • William and Winston

  • Willow and Winnifred

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