Gods, Goddesses, and Mythological Names

A monstrous list of mythical names! - Created by nerdshame

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  • Achilles

    Greek hero of the Trojan War in Greek mythology

  • Adonis

    Known for his legendary looks in Greek mythology

  • Agni

    Hindu god of fire

  • Ajax

    A hero in Greek mythology

  • Alla

    African Earth mother goddess

  • Amma

    African creator god

  • Andromeda

    Princess and daughter of the Aethiopian king Cepheus and his wife Cassiopeia in Greek mythology

  • Ani

    Two-faced Roman god of change

  • Antigone

    Daughter of Oedipus, King of Thebes, in Greek mythology

  • Apollo

    Greek god of music

  • Ares

    Greek god of war

  • Artemis

    Greek goddess of the hunt

  • Arthur

    Legendary knight and king of Britain in Arthurian legend

  • Asa

    An African protection god

  • Asteria

    Greek titan goddess of nocturnal oracles and falling stars

  • Atalanta

    Virginal female huntress in Greek mythology

  • Athena

    Greek goddess of wisdom

  • Atlas

    Greek Titan god who held up the heavens

  • Aurora

    Roman goddess of the day

  • Amun

    Egyptian god of the wind; sometimes known as Ammon

  • Branwen

    Welsh goddess of love and beauty

  • Brigit

    Celtic goddess of fire

  • Belisama

    Gaulish Goddess of light and fire

  • Bellona

    Roman goddess of war

  • Calliope

    Greek muse of poetry

  • Camilla

    Warrior heroine in Roman mythology

  • Cassiopeia

    Queen Cassiopeia, wife of king Cepheus of Aethiopia in Greek mythology

  • Castor

    Son of Leda, Queen of Sparta, and twin of Pollux in Greek and Roman mythology

  • Ceres

    Roman goddess of agriculture and motherly love

  • Ceridwen

    Celtic goddess of wisdom and magic

  • Chandra

    Hindu god of the moon

  • Charity

    Refers to the Charities, minor goddesses of charm, beauty, nature, and human creativity in Greek mythology

  • Chia

    An evil moon goddess from South America

  • Circe

    Goddess of magic in Greek mythology

  • Clio

    Greek muse of history

  • Cepheus

    King of Aethiopia in Greek mythology

  • Chiron

    Centaur trainer of demi-gods in Greek mythology

  • Danu

    Irish goddess of Earth

  • Daphne

    Water nymph and daughter of the minor river god Ladon in Greek mythology

  • Deborah

    Mycenaean queen bee goddess worshipped in ancient Crete.

  • Diana

    Roman goddess of the hunt

  • Dolya

    Slavic goddess of luck

  • Eda

    African abundance god who specializes in production of organic natural goods

  • Eir

    Norse herbal healing god who taught her tricks only to women

  • Elaine

    Sister of the enchantress Morgan in Arthurian legend

  • Elli

    Norse goddess of old age

  • Eros

    Greek god of love

  • Finn

    Hero of Irish legend

  • Freya

    Norse goddess of love, fertility, and beauty

  • Fenrir

    Giant wolf; offspring of the god Loki in Norse mythology

  • Grace

    Refers to the Graces, minor goddesses of charm, beauty, nature, and human creativity in Greek mythology

  • Guinevere

    Unfaithful wife of King Arthur in Arthurian legend

  • Geb

    Egyptian god of the Earth

  • Hanna

    Refers to mother of all Hittite gods, Hannahanna

  • Harmonia

    Greek goddess of peace and harmony

  • Hector

    Trojan prince and great warrior of Troy in Greek mythology

  • Helen

    Most notably of Troy; a great beauty in Greek mythology

  • Helios

    Greek god of the sun

  • Hera

    Greek goddess of women and marriage

  • Hercules

    Hero of Roman mythology

  • Hermes

    Greek messenger of the gods

  • Hades

    Greek god of the Underworld

  • Hephaestus

    Greek god of the forge and metalworking

  • Inara

    Middle-Eastern goddess of all wild animals

  • Indra

    Hindu god of war, storms and fighting

  • Isis

    Egyptian goddess of the sky

  • Ismene

    Sister of Antigone and daughter of Oedipus in Greek mythology

  • Isolde

    Irish princess and adulterous lover of Sir Tristan in Arthurian legend; sometimes known as Iseult

  • Jade

    Refers to the Jade Emperor, supreme heavenly ruler of Chinese mythology

  • Jari

    A Polynesian snake goddess

  • Jason

    Hero and leader of the Argonauts in Greek mythology

  • Jocasta

    Mother and later wife of Oedipus, King of Thebes, in Greek mythology

  • Jola

    A Valkyrie in Norse mythology

  • Juno

    Roman goddess of marriage and childbirth

  • Kali

    Hindu goddess of destruction

  • Kane

    Polynesian god of procreation and the sea

  • Kara

    A Valkyrie in Norse mythology

  • Koko

    A Native American fertility god

  • Khepri

    Egyptian god of rebirth and sunrise

  • Kratos

    Greek god of authority

  • Lakshmi

    Hindu goddess of wealth and good fortune

  • Leda

    Queen of Sparta in Greek mythology

  • Lilith

    A demon in Jewish folklore

  • Liv

    A legendary mortal in Norse mythology

  • Loki

    Norse god of mischief and

  • Lang

    God of war, poetry and tribal prosperity worshipped in Southeast Asia

  • Lena

    African rain god; also known as Leza

  • Leto

    Greek titan goddess of motherhood

  • Marian

    Lady love of the outlaw Robin Hood in British folklore

  • Mars

    Roman god of war

  • Medea

    Sorceress wife of the hero Jason in Greek mythology

  • Mercury

    Roman messenger of the gods

  • Merlin

    Wizard, tutor, and advisor to King Arthur in Arthurian legend

  • Minerva

    Roman goddess of the hunt

  • Morgan

    Enchantress and adversary in Arthurian legend; sometimes known as Morgana or Morganna

  • Morrigan

    The Phantom Queen; a Celtic goddess of birth, battle and death

  • Magni

    Norse god of strength and brute forcee

  • Neith

    Egyptian goddess of weaving

  • Nike

    Greek goddess of victory

  • Nyx

    Greek goddess of the night

  • Odin

    The supreme god of the Norse pantheon

  • Oedipus

    King of Thebes in Greek mythology

  • Osiris

    Egyptian god of the afterlife

  • Pandora

    Legendary mortal in Greek mythology

  • Paris

    Trojan prince from Greek mythology

  • Pax

    Roman goddess of peace

  • Penelope

    Wife of the heroic King Odyesseus of Ithaca in Greek mythology

  • Persephone

    Consort of Hades; abducted queen of the Underworld

  • Perseus

    Legendary hero and slayer of monsters in Greek mythology

  • Phaedra

    Wife of the hero Theseus in Greek mythology

  • Pollux

    Son of Leda, Queen of Sparta, and Zeus; twin of Castor in Greek and Roman mythology

  • Ra

    Egyptian god of the sun

  • Raven

    Native American trickster god

  • Rhea

    Greek Titan goddess and mother of the gods in Greek mythology

  • Rhiannon

    Welsh goddess of the moon

  • Rig

    Mortal alias of the guardian god of security and surveillance in Norse mythology

  • Robin

    Skilled archer and heroic outlaw in British folklore

  • Raijin

    Shinto (Japanese) god of lightning, thunder and storms

  • Rama

    Seventh avatar of the Hindu god Vishnu

  • Ravana

    Multi-headed demon-king of Lanka in Hindu mythology

  • Sabrina

    Celtic goddess of the river Severn

  • Saga

    Norse goddess of sagas

  • Scarlet

    The surname of one of Robin Hood's more prominent Merry Men in British folklore

  • Selene

    Greek goddess of the moon

  • Sheila

    Celtic goddess of fertility

  • Siegfried

    Heroic dragon slayer in Norse mythology

  • Sirena

    Refers to the mythological Greek sirens

  • Sol

    Norse goddess of the sun

  • Sylvanus

    Roman god of woods and fields

  • Scylla

    A sea monster in Greek mythology

  • Theseus

    King of Athens and hero in Greek mythology

  • Thor

    Norse god of sky and thunder

  • Tristan

    Cornish knight and lover of Isolde in Arthurian legend

  • Troy

    Legendary city from Greek mythology

  • Tyr

    Norse god of law and heroic glory

  • Thanatos

    Greek god of death

  • Venus

    Roman goddess of love

  • Zeus

    Greek god of sky and thunder

  • Zorya

    Slavic goddess of midnight