1,2,3 Name Combinations

This is a list of first names with 1 or 2 middle names that I think are wonderful if a little unusual. Check out my other list - Names I LOVE for cool first names. This is still a work in processes and is no where near done. - Created by Silver Jay

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  • Barrett Seth

    Barrett is a name that I was introduced to only recently and I like it because it has a good gentlemanly sound and goes well with my favorite name Seth. Seth is a biblical name and has a good soound to it. Nicknames include, Rett, Barry, or Seth.

  • Calandra Destiny

    I think this name has a goddess sound to it and is very elegant and ancient sounding. Calandra is of Greek origin and means 'lark'. Destiny adds that presence that is needed for a good well rounded name. Nicknames could include Cally, Cal, Landra, or Dess

  • Ember Skye

    This name I just thought of one day and fell in love with. Ember is an elegant and fiercer name then the more common name Amber and sounds absolutly lovely. Skye is a more common and sweet name that puts a refreshing end on the warm Ember. Nicknames include Em, Emma, Emby, or Skye.

  • John Avery

    Classic, short and common.

  • Melody Parker

    I like this name because the first name has a very feminine quality while the middle name adds a good tomboy aspect so that your baby girl doesn't end up being a hockey playing farmer girl with a tea party name. Nicknames could include, Mel, Mels, Lodie, Parker, or Parks.

  • Pearl Ann(e)

    I love the feminine swing of this name. It is stately, elegant and beautiful. This name is quite short and probably doesn't need a nickname.

  • Piper Alexis

    Piper and Alexis are both unisex names so this name could be for your baby boy or girl although personally I would use this name for my daughter. Piper is sort of a striking name and works well with the bold Alexis which is of Greek origin and means 'defender'. This name goes well for any child and has a good ring to it although if you say it 5 times fast it turns into 'perplexus'. Nicknames could include, Pipes, Pip, Alex, and Lexi.

  • Rebecca Morgan Clae

    I personally like the name Rebecca because it is a family name and is very classic and sweet. Morgan is a name I have simply come to adore for unknown reasons and it fits well with the gentle Rebecca. And Clae is a name that most people wouldn't have thought of but I think it is absolutely beautiful. Nicknames include Becca, Becky, Bec, Reba, Clae, or Morry.