Astronomy Baby Names

Whimsical baby names for your little shining star. - Created by gcavagnet

  • Aristotle

    Greek philosopher who proved that the earth is spherical, and whose name gives way to the wonderful nickname, Aris.

  • Castor

    Another star name, Castor is one of the twin stars of the Gemini constellation. The twins were siblings of the infamously beautiful Helen of Troy. Castor was rumored to be sired by the mortal Tyndareus.

  • Columba

    A constellation in the family of the heavenly waters, Columba takes the shape of a dove and represents peace and harmony.

  • Galileo

    Italian astronomer who, among many other achievements, was the first person to observe the cratered surface of the moon and the many moons of Jupiter, which are still called the Galilean Moons today. Variations of the name include Galilei (surname of Galileo) and the Biblical city of Galilee.

  • Leo

    Well-known and well-loved, Leo is a sturdy, classic name. Leo is also the zodiac constellation of the mighty lion.

  • Luna

    Latin for 'moon', Luna is whimsical and fresh, sure to make any little princess glow.

  • Lyra

    A constellation in the shape of a harp/lyre, and a lovely, romantic name for a girl.

  • Mars

    The Earth's closest neighbor and a unique name for any little boy.

  • Orion

    A strong name for any boy, hailing from a Greek hero.

  • Phoenix

    Fantastically named for the mythological fire bird, the Phoenix constellation represents rebirth and new life.

  • Pollux

    Also called Polydeuces, Pollux is the twin star of Castor, and the son of the god Zeus of ancient Greek mythology. Pollux is the twin star that sits besides Castor in the Gemini constellation.

  • Ptolemy

    An ancient Greek astronomer who created a model to predict the movement of the sun, moon, planets, and stars. Ptolemy makes a unique name for a boy or a girl.

  • Rigel

    The second brightest star in the constellation Orion, Rigel sounds classic like Nigel with a new twist.

  • Stella

    Stella is Latin for 'star' and is a more well-known but darling name for a little girl.

  • Ursa

    Latin for 'bear', Ursa is a sister name to more known Ursula. Ursa's major and minor are also two constellations in the night sky.

  • Venus

    Hailing from the ancient Roman goddess of beauty, Venus is a regal, elegant girls name.