A figment of my imagination

Names I have made up. If they have been used or suggested by anybody else before it is completely coincidental. These are to inspire the baby namer within or give some interesting choices to parents who want something different. Happy baby naming! This list will grow over time, so please revisit if you like what you see. - Created by BabyMammie

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  • Allephi/Alefi

    Girl. A mix of Alexandra/Alexa and Fiona. Pronounced with the emphasis on the L.

  • Amelba

    Girl. Feminine and with three short choices: Ama, Mel or Alba.

  • Brolan


  • Conifer

    Girl. Lovely, new, nature name for a girl, with the ready-made nn Connie. May work for a boy for the more adventurous namers.

  • Carrita

    Girl. Pronounced Ca-reeta. A pretty, melodic name that can shorten to Carrie or Rita.

  • Caybree/Caebury/Kaybree/Kaybrey

    Girl/Boy. Pronounced Kay-bree. This is a name that can be spelt many ways like Aubury.

  • Chanayka

    Girl. Pronounced Shan-eye-kah.

  • Christoban

    Boy. Pronounced Cristo-ban. Means banned Christian; which most should be proud of, as Christ said an identifying mark of a true follower would be that the world hates them.

  • Civil

    Boy. Means to be part of the people/ ordinary citizen or polite and courteous.

  • Corper

    Boy. Could be an alternative to Cooper or a nod to a Corporal in the family. Comes with the nn Corey.

  • Crayford

    Boy. Means marsh ford. Modern alternative to the over-used Braydon/Braden or Bradford.

  • Danell


  • Danilla


  • Davith


  • Davros

    Boy. Shorten to Ross or nn Dave.

  • DeLuna

    Girl. Means From/of the moon.

  • Dilith


  • Diwali

    I would suggest for a girl, but maybe a boy as well. Hindu Festival of Lights. Represents light over dark and good over evil.Diwali means lit row of oil lamps. Alternative is Divali.

  • Draydon


  • Epsom

    Boy. Place-name in Surrey, England, famous for its horse race course.

  • Ettel


  • Fiandra

    Girl. Pronounced Fee-ann-dra. A blend of Fiona and Alexandra.

  • Geshel/Geshelle


  • Hannata

    Girl. Pronounced Hann-arh-ta. Variation to Hannah with an Eastern European feel.

  • Helinka

    Girl. Variation of Helen with a Scandinavian feel.

  • Heskio

    Boy. Sounds masculine but without violence. Can shorten to Hes, Hez or Kio.

  • Ichathus

    Boy. Pronounced Ik-a-thus. Inspired by the official name of the Jesus fish/Born again fish symbol- Ichthus/Ichthys; which means Jesus Christ, son of God, Saviour. This name has a nice sound and mythological feel like Apollo or Thor.

  • Jazzida

    Girl. Pronounced Jazz-ee-dah or Jazz-i-dah.

  • Jessara

    Girl. Pronounced Je-sar-ah. A combination of Jessica and Sarah.

  • Jonnalee

  • Kaitara

    Girl. A mash up of Kaitlyn and Tara.

  • Kayffer

    Pronounced either Kay-fah or K-eye-fah. Inspired by Kieffer.

  • Kersha


  • Mahalo


  • Mandine


  • Matesh


  • Navala

  • Naydene

    Girl. Alternative to Nadine with a longer first syllable.

  • Novena

    Alternative to Nova. Pronounced No-vee-nah.

  • Novenka

    Alternative to the popular Nova.

  • Orsten/Orstin


  • Ottoma

    Girl. Feminine extension of Otto (means wealthy) and may remind you of Ottoman Sultans.

  • Pinto

    Boy. Spanish for pepper. Exists as a surname.

  • Pennora


  • Poiya


  • Poiyan


  • Queenly/Queenlee

    Girl. A right royal choice! For all those princesses destined to marry princes. Modern twist as a namesake for Queenie or Regina.

  • Rasta


  • Rayza

    Girl/Boy. An extension to Ray. The A ending leans towards a girl, but the sound can make a tough name for a boy, ala Blade or Shooter.

  • Roamer

    Boy. Cool traveller-type name with a familiar sound.

  • Royan

    Boy. A modern, good alternative to Roy, Ryan, Royal or Rowan.

  • Ryash

    Boy. Taken from Ryan and Ashley. Meaning 'little king by the ash tree meadow'. Pronounced Rye-ash.

  • Savani


  • Shaninta


  • Shellandra

    Girl. A mixture of Shelley/Shelly and Alexandra.

  • Solar

    Girl/Boy. Eco-friendly and sunny name choice.

  • Torro

    Boy. Spanish for Bull. Completely perfect for a Spaniard/Latin/Hispanic couple who would like a name with a strong meaning for their Taurus son! Not out of the question for the rest of us either.

  • Treela

    Girl. Means (The) Tree. A feminine, nature-name that is a good alternative to Theresa/Teresa and is less of a joke with the surname Green.

  • Vrey


  • Wayward


  • Zinto

    Boy. Pronounced Zin-tow or Zsin-tow. Has an East Asian feel.

  • Zolar

    Boy/Girl. A cooler version of the eco-friendly Solar.